Liveblog : Student Leader results

1817: I’m here in the Stag’s. PACE! AU OFFICER: 346-264 Suranna. “I think I just died!”. Short, squeeing celebratory speech. SPORTS AND HEALTH OFFICER: Ben 176, Heather 177, Nikita 103, Karen 102. 105-105 tie after RON. HEATHER WINS 252-245! 1820: This is spectator heaven, liveblogger hell. 1822: Ben gets SGH Officer, unopposed by humans. NOC […]

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The official runners and riders

Twenty-seven were up for grabs, and the final standings are: fifteen contested positions, seven uncontested positions, and five vacant positions. A massive, massive improvement on last year. Contested positions (more than one human candidate): Athletic Union Officer (Christopher Lewczynski v Saranna Harris) Community Volunteering Officer (Oluwatomisin Niyi Awosusi v Aleesha Adams) Engineering & Environment Faculty […]

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